Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

Your Nikkah is the spiritual union of two souls in the presence of Allah. We get to witness this divine correspondence and capture it through Nikkah wedding photography in Bangalore. There’s no way you could miss preserving them in a photobook.

Nikkah Wedding Photography

Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

Your Nikkah is a celebration of love, families and culture. That’s why we provide Nikkah wedding photography in Bangalore so that the world could witness the glory of your beautiful wedding through pictures. Mind you, we capture every moment that seems worth remembering and bringing a smile to your face.

Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

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We have an enthusiastic, creative and skilled set of professionals at hand. We have travelled to every nook and corner of India. We know everything there is to know about photography, and we have covered many types of events throughout our careers. We are excited to meet new people and cover their stories, events and happiness so we can tell it to the world through our lens!
Our motto is to outdid what we did yesterday, and we have followed our motto to date!

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We offer you all types of packages for your convenience because good things come in small packages. Choose from our packages and decide what’s best for you!

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Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

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Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

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Nikkah Wedding Photography Bangalore

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My Nikkah pictures and videos came out to be magical. They remind me of how important and lovely day that was for me, getting married to my lovely husband.
- Bushra Kaif


What is Muslim marriage ceremony called?

Muslim marriage ceremony is called Nikkah. According to Islamic tradition a marriage contract is signed by the bride and the groom during this ceremony.

How many days does a Muslim wedding take?

Usually it takes three days for a muslim wedding to take place, but it might differ in different places.

What is Rukhsati?

The term Rukhsati means to depart or to go. When a bride leaves her parents' house after the Nikkah and goes to her husband's residence, this is referred to as Rukhsati.