Newborn Photography

New Born Photography

A newborn photo shoot is not everybody's cup of tea. Newborns are susceptible, and photographers should be extremely careful while shooting with newborns. Lucky for you, we have the experience of shooting newborns.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is usually done within two weeks of baby’s birth. This is the perfect period because babies will be asleep all the time and photographers can get posed pictures without them getting irritated of shoot.


Various stages of baby photoshoots


For capturing your 10-14 days old newborn. See few of our newborn shoots to get the assurance you’re looking for.


Choosing Picture Quotient for your baby photoshoot will help you get unique ideas for the photoshoot and amazing pictures of your baby


Child photoshoots are very challenging, yet very satisfying. And who doesn’t like challenges?

Why Choose Picture Quotient


Trained Professionals

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₹ 10,000 / day


Package includes

Duration 1 day
No. of sessions 1
Deliverables Unlimited soft copies

Newborn Photoshoot Portfolio

We have an experienced crew who have prior experience taking newborn babies' pictures. We are sure you'll be impressed with our creative ideas for a newborn shoot. Here are a few of the past newborn shoots we have done.


We did a newborn photoshoot for my baby when he was just 10 days old. Picture Quotient did a great job with our baby’s newborn shoot. And also they were budget friendly too!
- Ram & Jaanu


How long will a newborn photography session last?

Usually a newborn session will last for 3-4 hrs. The duration can change depending upon the package you choose.

What should we arrange or prepare for the newborn photoshoot session?

Parents should ensure that they’re well fed and dressed in comfortable clothes. Also, if you have any particular props in mind, communicate it with photographers.

When is the right time for newborn photography?

The ideal time for newborn photography is when the baby is 10-14 days old.