Couple Shoot Photography

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

Two is always better than one. And capturing two people in love? It's a wonderful feeling. We got plenty of opportunities to capture these beautiful moments!

Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Do you need your photoshoot to be wild and free? Or do you want it in-doorsy or out-doorsy? With us you can have your dreamy photoshoot wherever you want- out in the woods, in the meadow, in your home, on a beach- anywhere! See our couple shoot ideas and decide for yourself!

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore
Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore
Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

Couple Photoshoot Tips and Tricks


Plan when you want to have couple shoot

Do you want it before marriage? Or after marriage? Or do you need a photoshoot as a couple? Lucky for you, we do all of it!


Where do you want the shoot

We would recommend shooting outdoors - on a beach or in nature - wherever there is natural setting and light.


Candid portraits

There is always magic in pictures when you do a couple photoshoot. But nothing can beat candid pictures!


Trust your Photographer!

We know sometimes it’s hard for you to open up to your partner in front of cameras. Many of you might be camera shy. But trust us, because we want the same as you- to get amazing pictures!


Are you camera shy?

Well if you are, imagine you’re out with your partner on a special and try to forget we ever exists. It’s a tried and worked method.

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

How to plan the perfect couple photoshoot

  • You should plan a dress code since wearing contrasting colors might affect the pictures
  • Make sure both of you are comfortable with the location
  • Decide on the props before hand if you want any, because props will make your picture fun
  • Couples note that transferring your real-life intimacy into the frame is important to get the perfect pictures you're looking for
  • The couple's key here is to forget about the camera and live the moment. Voila! And we got the perfect pictures!

Why Choose to Do your Couple Photoshoot With Us?

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

On-Location Shoot

Spots? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! The perfect location will give you perfect memories. And Outcome? it's bound to be perfect with Picture Quotient

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

Trained Professionals

Ever looked at engagement films and pictures and wished for the exact same thing? Well, you’re in the right place. Our professionals have all the experience you are searching for

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

On-time Deliveries

Posing for pictures and video is one thing, but getting those late? Unimaginable! That’s why we ensure that we deliver your pictures and wedding film right on time!

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

We Work Around The clock

Ever heard “East or West Picture Quotient is the best?” Well, you can also say “Night or Day Picture Quotient is the best!” because we will work around the clock for you.

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

Camera Shy? We’ve got you covered.

If candid photography and videography is an art, then we have people who have mastered it. So sit tight, because you’re up for some visual treats!

Couple Shoot Photographers Bangalore

We Support You Through Your Journey

From the moment you choose us, you become a part of the Picture Quotient family. And what does a family do? Stick with you through thick and thin!


Our Portfolio

We have an enthusiastic, creative and skilled set of professionals at hand. We have travelled to every nook and corner of India. We know everything there is to know about photography, and we have covered many types of events throughout our careers. We are excited to meet new people and cover their stories, events and happiness so we can tell it to the world through our lens!
Our motto is to outdid what we did yesterday, and we have followed our motto to date!


Good things come in small packages, but we offer all types of packages for you. Please choose from our packages and decide what’s best for you!




Artisan Crew

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Happy faces captured


I was always camera shy and was afraid of facing cameras. When I told Picture Quotient about this, they gave me many tips and they made me feel so comfortable. In my pictures, i don’t look like I’m uncomfortable of camera or anything. I’m so glad me my partner and i got these amazing pictures for our couple shoot.
- Dev & Sharanya


Should we use props for Couple shoot?

If you want to use prop, you can . There is no downside in using prop in photoshoot. However make sure prop is minimal.

What location reflects us as a couple?

Whichever location both of you are comfortable with, you can choose those location. We’d recommend locations which have a meaning to you, so that when you revisit the photos old memories will also flood back.

What kind of shots do you click more - posed or natural interaction?

It will depend on the package you choose. Some package have candid photos and some have conventional. If you want candid photos, then we’d suggest taking the package with candid photos.