Post Wedding Photography

Post Wedding Photography

Pre and Post wedding are two different phases of life. Celebrating new beginnings is always good. To your new beginning as a married couple! We would love to give you a souvenir in the form of photographs! Just take a look at our work and then decide.

Post-Wedding Outdoor Photography Session

We were told that our post-wedding outdoor photography sessions are worth marrying. Do you want to try it out and prove otherwise?

Post Wedding Photography
Post Wedding Photography
Post Wedding Photography

Why Choose your Post-Wedding Photoshoot with Us?


On-Location Shoot

Spots? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! The perfect location will give you perfect memories. And Outcome? it's bound to be perfect with Picture Quotient.


Trained Professionals

Ever looked at engagement films and pictures and wished for the exact same thing? Well, you’re in the right place. Our professionals have all the experience you are searching for.


On-Time Deliveries

Posing for pictures and video is one thing, but getting those late? Unimaginable! That’s why we ensure that we deliver your pictures and wedding film right on time!


We Work Around The clock

Ever heard “East or West Picture Quotient is the best?” Well, you can also say “Night or Day Picture Quotient is the best!” because we will work around the clock for you.


Camera Shy? We’ve got you covered.

If candid photography and videography is an art, then we have people who have mastered it. So sit tight, because you’re up for some visual treats!


We Support You Through Your Journey

From the moment you choose us, you become a part of the Picture Quotient family. And what does a family do? Stick with you through thick and thin!


Our Portfolio

We have an enthusiastic, creative and skilled set of professionals at hand. We have travelled to every nook and corner of India. We know everything there is to know about photography, and we have covered many types of events throughout our careers. We are excited to meet new people and cover their stories, events and happiness so we can tell it to the world through our lens!

Our motto is to outdid what we did yesterday, and we have followed our motto to date!


Good things come in small packages, but we offer all types of packages for you. Please choose from our packages and decide what’s best for you!


₹ 12,000

Package includes

  • Photography - Soft copies
  • 25 High Definition images
  • 3 hours of shoot
  • 2 costume change


₹ 15,000

Package includes

  • Candid photography - Soft copies
  • Shoot for about 4 hours with 3 costumes
  • About 40 post processed images


₹ 30,000

Package includes

  • Photography with album
  • Shoot for about 8 hours with multiple locations
  • About 60 post processed images
  • Comes with photo book




Artisan Crew

1 Million+

Happy faces captured


We did our post-wedding photography at Jaipur with Picture Quotient. Absolutely loved the experience and vibe. Our photos will also say the same. They’re amazing!
- Vignesh & Samantha


Why you should consider a post-wedding shoot

A post-wedding shoot is shot after you become officially husband and wife. It will be special for you because it would be your first shoot together as a married couple.

What is Post Wedding Photography?

A post-wedding photography is a photoshoot after taken after your marriage. It could be few days or months after your marriage.

Do you specialize in indoor or outdoor events, or both?

Yes, we specialise in both indoor and outdoor events. To know more details about, please visit our website.