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Office Photographers Bangalore

Your website is the gateway to your products and services. Office photography and videography can create pristine, professional visuals that speak your business vision louder than words.

In-office Photo and Video services

Office Photographers Bangalore

Standing out is everything in today’s corporate market. With Picture Quotient, you can.

From potential candidates looking for your company’s work culture, to potential clients searching for unique products and services, office photography and videography helps you visually represent your offerings to entice the best of the best.

Why Office Photography Is Important

  • It helps your target audience build a favorable perception of your brand since it showcases your products, office, and services in a positive light.
  • From a psychological perspective, professional headshots of team members can help people put a face to your brand, ultimately building trust.
  • Generic stock photos or videos on your website don’t give the complete picture of what your business really has to offer. Office photography ensures that images and videos fit your brand perfectly.
  • Reputation is everything. Office photography and videography helps you put your best foot forward while interacting with people on a digital medium.
Office Photographers Bangalore

Our Services

Fine-tune your visual marketing strategy with our range of office photography services. Deliver the impact you need to subtly, yet effectively, create awareness about your business.

Office Photographers Bangalore
Office Photographers Bangalore
Office Photographers Bangalore
Office Photographers Bangalore

Office headshots focus on highlighting the subject’s professionalism, authority, and approachability. The perfect business headshots of your executives are important for making a good first impression with vendors, investors, clients, and candidates.

Office Photographers Bangalore

Posting pictures and videos of events and seminars helps build awareness and engagement with your target audience. Successful events imply that your company is doing something right and that the company culture is one to look out for.

Office Photographers Bangalore

The best way to harness the power of digital mediums is to reach out to customers via social media. Professional photographers can help you communicate your brand message with the right visuals targeted toward the right demographic.

Office Photographers Bangalore

It is no secret that if your product looks good, people will want to buy them. Clear, high-definition images and videos of your product not only create a great impression of your brand but will tell your customers what they can expect to receive.

Office Photographers Bangalore

Corporate photography helps establish a specific company identity. It is a crucial component of key company functions such as internal communications, branding, and marketing. It helps create a sense of belonging among the staff and awareness among customers.

Office Photographers Bangalore

Calendar shoots are a great way to market your brand through merchandise. Create a specially-tailored calendar that you can hand out to your customers and investors so that they know what you have to offer or what is in the works.


Our Portfolio

Pictures speak a thousand words. Glimpse through our collection of the best photos and videos that tell a story about individuals and illuminate a company’s message - better than words ever could!

Why Choose Us?

Office Photographers Bangalore

Professional Photos and films

At Picture Quotient you will get professionals who have been in this field for a long time. We believe experience comes with time. But that doesn’t mean we’re that old!

Office Photographers Bangalore

Customer Experience

Customer experience is very important for us. We provide the royal treatment for the king and queen in you. Because you deserve it and more!

Office Photographers Bangalore

On-Time Deliveries

Time is always an asset. We value our time and above all your time, which is why we never delay anything. You, customers are the heart of this organization!


Explore these specially-curated packages that we have to offer, to find the best deal within your budget.

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Office Photographers Bangalore Office Photographers Bangalore Office Photographers Bangalore Office Photographers Bangalore




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How long will it take to receive the photos?

Depending on the package you select and the type of office photography that you opt for, it will take between 2 to 6 weeks to receive fully-edited, high-resolution images that you can use on your website

What is office photography and videography?

Office photography and videography is a subset of professional photography and videography that complements various verticals of a business like marketing, internal communications, and brand image.

Why are headshots important for a company’s website?

Headshots of company executives are a great way to add personality to the website. It helps build awareness and trust and helps potential investors or clients put a face to the brand.