Christian Wedding Photography

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

From the bridal shower to "yes, I do," It's a fantastic journey, and being able to capture it gives us great joy. We know how to take unique pictures of Christian wedding rituals and ceremonies.

Meet The Best Christian Engagement Photographers!

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

We will do photoshoot services for simple intimate Christian engagement to grand engagement ceremonies.

Our Photography Services

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

What a wonderful feeling it is to be betrothed. To make your betrothal day even more special, we provide you our betrothal photography service.

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

Bride and the bride’s maids and their eventful activities for the bride. Bridal showers sure are exciting. We assure you our bridal shower photography would be top-notch!

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

Your one last hurray before marriage, that ought to be special right? We will make sure that hurray is captured well.

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

The day you and your partner have been waiting for- the day you become officially wedded partners- we can’t wait to capture your wedding day for you!

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

Who doesn’t like receptions? The food, the song, the celebrations- make sure you get the best pictures of you and the loved ones who shared this day with you are captured. We know for a fact that we’ll be the right fit for you!

What Will You Get?


Wedding Photography

Weddings are an amazing time where you’ll get good pictures. We would love nothing more than to give you memories of your wedding.


Wedding Videography

Who wouldn’t want videos of their wedding- walking down the aisle, your vows, throwing your bouquet, and many more.



Who doesn’t want their wedding trailer and teaser to be mind blowing? We assure you we can give you the best teaser/trailer ever made.


Fully Edited Photos

We will edit all the pictures we give to you- soft copies as well as album pictures as well


Photo Album

Good things come in different sizes too, right? You can choose from different package, the number of pages you want in your photo album.

Hiring Guide for Christian Wedding Photography

Here are a few of the tips and tricks we’d like to share with you guys while hiring a guide for photography.

Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

Things to consider

  • See if both of you- you and the photographer- are in sync or not
  • Please check their prior works and whether you like their photography style
  • Check for the photographer's experience
  • Check if they offer packages that are around your budget

Things To Discuss With The Photographer

  • Shots that you want and don’t want
  • Discuss about planned surprises, so that photographers will have a n upperhand at that time
  • A point of contact
  • Discuss what all experiments you are ok with
Christian Wedding Photographers Bangalore

Our Portfolio

We have an enthusiastic, creative and skilled set of professionals at hand. We have travelled to every nook and corner of India. We know everything there is to know about photography, and we have covered many types of events throughout our careers. We are excited to meet new people and cover their stories, events and happiness so we can tell it to the world through our lens!
Our motto is to outdid what we did yesterday, and we have followed our motto to date!


Good things come in small packages, but we offer all types of packages for you. Please choose from our packages and decide what’s best for you!




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Happy faces captured


I gave my betrothal, bridal shower, and wedding shoot to Picture Quotient. They are so talented and i loved the pictures and our videos.
- Abhishek & Neethu


Where does Christian weddings happen?

Christian weddings usually take place at a Church or a Chapel. However, sometimes special considerations are given for people to do weddings at venues of their choice.

How many vows are there in a Christian wedding?

There are sevens vows in total in a Christian wedding. First four vows are said by the groom and the last three by the bride.

Is betrothal and engagement ceremonies two different ceremonies?

Yes, engagement day is fixing the marriage and betrothal is taking consent from people who are getting married.