Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Your portfolio shoot advocates for your career, and we will make you one that is as unique as your personal style!

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Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Corporate Events Photography
We photograph moments of serendipity. We force you to view events as they are and provide glimpses of unseen love, hope, and tranquilly. Even if you missed the actual event, we guarantee you'll see everything through our camera lens!
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How we work

It is an easy and short procedure to hire us!

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Fill the forms!

Fill the form for portfolio photoshoot in Bangalore available on our website, or get in touch with us through whatsapp.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Event discussion!

Discuss your portfolio expectations in brief, so that we can plan the shoot accordingly.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Book an appointment.

After prior consultation, book us for the date to avoid any event overlapping. We will make you the best portfolio if you choose to trust us!

Hiring Guide for Portfolio Shoot

Confused about hiring Picture Quotient for your portfolio photoshoot in Bangalore? Here are our best features

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore


First step is to finalise your budget by considering all the factors and then, look for photography packages that come in your price range.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Photography Style

Go on the internet to browse about various photography styles for portfolios. Pick one to match your personality and career and find photographers based on that.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews of different firms and their photographers. Customers give the most unbiased opinions.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Time of Completion

Look for photographers that are known to complete their work at the earliest without undermining the product quality.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Work Experience

Experience is a priority. A camera alone doesn’t make you a photographer, sharp skills, customer management and time management does. Look for their portfolios as well.

Why Picture Quotient

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Top Photographers

Did we say we are most renowned for our portfolio photoshoots in Bangalore? We combine the experience and skills of our team to get the perfect outcome for you!

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Instant booking

You can book us instantly through online with the touch of your fingers. So what are you waiting for?

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Great customer service

We care about you more than you think. That is why in every step of our way we ensure customer satisfaction and service.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Fast delivery

We know the importance of time. Therefore we ensure that we make no delay in delivering our work.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore


We provide basic, standard and premium packages for our customers so that they can have a plan which will fit in their budget.

Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore

Editing included

We edit all the images- soft copies and images that would go into the album for our customers.

Pricing and Packages

We offer you all types of packages for your convenience because good things come in small packages. Choose from our packages and decide what’s best for you!




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Happy faces captured


I am so happy I approached Picture Quotient for my portfolio photoshoot in Bangalore. I had to get a portfolio shoot to submit for my modeling portfolio and I must say, I look like a supermodel in those pictures.
- Disha Shetty


How do you make a photography portfolio?

Portfolio is basically a collection of your best works. So for photography portfolio, you line up all your best works.

What should I include in my photography portfolio?

Your photography portfolio should contain quality images, your creative works, your adaptability, and also create a digital site.

How much would it cost for portfolio shoot in Bangalore?

The basic pack will start with ten thousand and it can go upto 50-60 thousand or more.