Office Photography in Dubai

Office Photography is becoming a popular way to capture special occasions and moments in the workplace. It is a great way to document important moments and milestones, such as company anniversaries, team successes, and awards.

Office Photography in Dubai can help a business to capture the spirit of its workplace, including the camaraderie, hard work, and enthusiasm that drives the activities of the entire management or its relevant system. It can also be used to document the progress of projects and the people behind the organization's success.

Corporate Office Photography can be used to tell a story about the inner workings of the business. It can create a lasting impression on clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Office photography also serves as a great memory-keeper and reminder of the hard work and dedication that go into the business's success.

Benefits of Office Photoshoot in Dubai


Professional Image

Professional Office Photographers can create a polished and professional image for your business, helping to improve your visibility and credibility.


Team Building

Office photography sessions can bring your team together, boost morale and create a stronger bond among colleagues.



Professional photos of your office and staff can help you build a stronger brand identity. That’s why brands and businesses prefer the idea of Office Portrait Photography to spread their reach among users.



Professional photos of the leadership team can help reinforce the organization's professionalism and reputation. This can help to give potential clients and customers a sense of trust and confidence that they are working with a reliable and competent company.



The professional Corporate Office Photoshoot of your working members, products, or any other events can be used to attract new talent and give potential employees a sense of the work environment.



Office photography sessions can provide a great way to remember special moments and milestones in your business history.

Different Types of Office Photography

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These are the traditional office photos typically used for employee identification cards, website profiles, or social media profiles.

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Group Shots

Picture Quotient’s Office Photographers In Dubai capture the whole team in one photo and are often used on websites, brochures, and social media. We fulfill the objectives of group shots.

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Photos of products and services are frequently used in marketing materials to showcase what a company has to offer.

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Event Photography

Event photography captures the memories of company events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and team-building activities.

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Interior/Exterior Shots

Among the ideas of Office Photoshoots in Dubai, these sessions (captured photos) are used to show off the office space or the exterior of the building. They can be used on the website, in marketing materials, or on social media.

Why do you need Expert Office Photographers in Dubai?

Corporate Photographers Bangalore
  • Corporate Headshots

    This type of photography focuses on capturing professional headshots of employees or executives of a company.

  • Group Photos & Team Celebrations

    These types of photos are typical and effective in showing the bond and mindset of every employee with each other. Each picture captured by the best professionals displays the positivity within the organization.

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  • Office/Team Building Events

    It typically involves an individual or group shots for company websites, employee directories, business cards, and other corporate branding materials.

  • Product/Service Showcase

    This type of photography is used to showcase products in their best light. Product photos can be used for catalogs, online stores, product packaging, and marketing materials.

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  • Venue/Location Shots

    This type of photography focuses on capturing images of office space, such as lobbies, conference rooms, and other building areas. It is used for marketing materials and to show off the interior design of a business.

  • Employee Testimonials & Portraits

    This type of photography captures images of people in their work environment. It usually involves capturing candid shots of employees at their desks, meetings, or other office areas.

How Picture Quotient Suits Your Need?

Hiring Picture Quotient is an obvious option. Well, here are the reasons why you should pick us from the list of office photographers that appears when your search for the best Office Photographers Near Me:

  • Capturing utilising natural, different angles, and artificial lighting
  • Use of advanced equipment (lenses, lights, backdrops, and reflectors) 
  • Understands the unique needs of office photography
  • Accurately capturing the atmosphere of the office.
  • Comfortable with digital photography
  • Good track record.
  • Set a budget for the project
  • Photography as per the office space


What type of equipment do you use for office photography in Dubai?

Picture Quotient always remains updated with the technology. We ensure our clients that we have the best apparatus and other ingredients to deliver up-to-the-mark office photography. 

How do we recruit our office photographers in Dubai?

We hire our photographers based on their working skills and experience in the field of corporate photoshoots. That’s why we give chances to the best professionals to conduct the photoshoot sessions with our clients. 

What is the duration of an office photoshoot in Dubai?

The length of a photoshoot depends on the complexity and size of the project. Generally, a basic office photography session takes about 2-4 hours.

How many members do you need? 

The entire photo session depends on the size and complexity of the projects. A client will usually take two to four hours to complete the shot. 

 What is the pricing of an office photoshoot in Dubai? 

The cost of office photography depends on the project's size, complexity, and duration. Our team can provide a quote after discussing the details of your project.