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Receptions are also our forte!
You should know by now, we’re jack of all weddings! Why don’t you check some of our work and get the reassurance you’re searching for?

Our Photography Features

  • Wedding websites- For storing all your wedding photographs, we will give you your vault so you can access them with the credentials provided to you at any time of the day!.
  • Social media managing- if you are a social media user and want content about your wedding, we'll be more than happy to curate the content for you!.
  • Instagram reels- Who doesn't like reels? Trending reels for the trending couples, we can make that happen..
  • Wedding artwork installation- Photo portraits of different sizes, customized photo printing o various clothes and other materials, and other wall art- we will do all that and more for you.

Wedding reception photography trends


We do all kinds of trends- from classic groom portraits to bridal portraits, reception rituals, quirky moments and stage portraits. Check out our works to know more about these trends!


For the bride’s special day, our special service. Graceful, classy, elegant, mesmerizing photos for the beautiful bride in you.


We will capture all the rituals performed on your reception. Be it cake cutting, best man’s speech, maid of honor’s speech, poojas, dance, songs, we won’t miss a thing!


Weddings are notable because of these quirky moments. Unexpected moments- groom surprising with dance or song, bride surprising the groom, cousins or friends stunning the couple. All of these need to be captured at the right moment. That's what we're here for.


The stage portraits are a given. When you look back, it’s always good to see the people whom you shared your special day with.

Reception is the final event of a long and awaited wedding. Still, you should not miss any chance to surprise yourself at all. The price to keep your memories alive isn't much to pay. However, you should find the right way to collect all such beautiful memorable moments.

When you pick the idea of reception photography, nothing comes close to its approach. Yes, Reception Photography in Kochi can be very specific. Your moments won't perish with the passage of time. The glimpse you wish to capture will be there with you forever.

For that, you need some great associates. Hiring the finest Reception Photographers in Kochi won't be a troublesome task. So, it will be a wise choice to prefer Picture Quotient. You will explore more with this web page about reception-related photography.

Events That Our Reception Photographers in Kochi Will Cover For You.

There is no limit to capturing good memories. Turning your reception photoshoot sessions into something unique is our primary goal. However, you should know a few events that you hold to complete the photoshoots.

Perfection of plans and other photogenic events can make the entire session worth remembering. As a top-class artist of Reception Photoshoot in Kochi, we give you the best events and features to conclude the entire session.

Here is a list clarifying everything about our shoots:

  • First Look Photos

  • The Royal Couple Photoshoot!

  • Teasers

  • Unplugged Ceremonies

  • Wedding Vows!

  • Destination Elopements

  • Black And White Shots

  • Smoke Bombs

  • Underwater Shots

  • Drone Aerial Photography

  • Same Day Edits

  • Proposal Shots

  • Filmic look

  • Fun Images

  • Dramatic Locations

  • Selfie Shots

  • Couple Dance!

  • Day-After Shoots

  • Romancing The Rains!

  • The First Kiss!

Location to Play a Vital Part in Reception Photography

It is easier to find Picture Quotient in Kochi by searching "Reception Photographers Near Me" on your search engine. However, a unique fact is still involved as a question mark. When you hold your reception event, it should be in the best location.

The advantages of getting the appropriate location are many to collect. However, a client won't take any risk at all by choosing a clumsy space for his or her reception. No matter how hard you try, a bad location may not be the ideal choice for the best photography.

Despite the location burden, Picture Quotient adapts to every environment. Still, you should not remain worried about picking a luxurious resort or destination wedding. Our photographers are beyond the margin of excellence. They know how to capture every bit of a moment despite different environmental burdens.

However, you should know a few points that explain the advantages of hiring a worthy Reception Photoshoot Near Me:

  • Capture every significant moment.

  • Excellence with elegance photoshoots

  • Avoid chances of errors

  • Gain higher photographic values.

  • Capture glimpses of all guests and relatives

  • Miss zero part of the reception's venue.

  • Cover the entire event appropriately.

Why Picture Quotient for Your Reception Photoshoot in Kochi?

Hiring legit Reception Photographers may be a challenging task for anyone in Kochi. However, appointing a legit studio that deals with different types of photoshoots, holds experience, and works with the best photographers may end all your queries.

A wise choice is to appoint a Picture Quotient for reception photoshoots in Kochi.

The following points are enough to clarify the excellence of our work:

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World-class editing and photoshoot

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Brilliant after services

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Adapt to every type of situation

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Affordable packages

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Use of the latest equipment

The best photography studio will do everything great based on achieving client satisfaction.

When it comes to surprising our clients, we do the best with our work, services, and plans for reception photography. Apart from all types of hurdles, the photography cost won't keep you hurting when you appoint us.


We have extremely competitive pricing, so you can get more bang for your buck. Plus, if you decide to go with your photo prints, we offer a wide variety of sizes and printing options at very reasonable prices. Please choose from our packages and decide what's best for you!




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