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Becoming parents is the most beautiful thing in the world. The joy you experience while holding your baby is priceless. And seeing your baby's all firsts? It can measure up to nothing. Imagine reliving all of these moments - we can make it happen.

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Newborn baby and childrens photoshoot are the most challenging yet beautiful experience. We have faced many such beautiful experiences and have delivered the best work to our clients. Contact us to book us now!

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It is ideal for taking newborn photo shoots within 9-14 days of the baby's birth. Only then will we get the calm, small baby wrapped-in-towel baby photos.


We care for your baby; therefore, we assure you our Photoshoot will be safe for the baby. But we don't compromise on quality and creativity. Both are assured.


6-9 months is a perfect time to take baby photographs. They are still small, not too old- they will be able to sit up. Try out our service and see the magic we bring into the pictures.


Children's photoshoots are perhaps the most fun and challenging ones to shoot. To capture the carefree them, they should be comfortable around cameras. And we know a few tricks which will help them ease up.


Keeping up with the latest trend is something we always do. Cake smash tops our list as it is the trending one. Get yourself the best ones out there!


Miracle who comes in pairs! Who doesn't love twins? Even More so, who doesn't love capturing them? Simply awesome twin photography and nothing less.

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Our service sessions ranges from outdoor session to home session, and studio session. You chan choose sessions according to your convenience.


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The best naming ceremony photographers can be a great addition to your ceremony. A name change is a very important milestone in someone's life, and you must click every special moment from this special day.

Why We Must Go For The Best Naming Ceremony Photographers In Kochi?

The name change is one of the most significant moments in a person's life. It marks the beginning of their new adult identity. It can be an occasion for celebration, or it can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Either way, Naming Ceremony Photography In Kochi is important because it helps document this special occasion for your family and friends who will miss out on being there live at the event itself.

Ideas For Naming Ceremony Photoshoot in Kochi

To ensure that you have the best possible experience with our services, we have compiled a list of some of the best options available in Kochi when you are searching for the Naming Ceremony Photoshoot Near Me, so that you can choose who fits your needs best:

  1. The baby alone

  2. Go floral

  3. Add everyone in one frame

  4. Don't forget to shoot outdoor


Our Portfolio

We have some best Naming Ceremony Photographers In Kochi who have done superb work in capturing moments of happiness and joy during the naming ceremony with their different styles of photography. You can find here some examples of our work that will surely inspire you to capture your precious moments as well!

Why choose Picture Quotient?

Many things go into capturing this momentous occasion, including location, lighting, and props. Our specialized Naming Ceremony Photographers In Kochi can click everything with optimal professionalism.


Professional Photograph & Films

Are you looking for something creative? Is it going to be something simple and traditional? Our photographers can match every style or theme, you want for your baby's naming ceremony.


Customer Experience

A good ceremony photographer will not just capture the best moments of your day, but also deliver exceptional customer experiences to you and all your guests.


On-Time Deliveries

We can capture all the important moments that need to be documented during your baby's special day and deliver the prints to your address before the committed deadline.

Guidelines for Photoshoot


Wake the baby up before session

The baby should be awake before the session, else there is no point in taking the session.


Feed the baby before session

It is ideal to feed the baby 20-30 mins before the session so that you can utilise the whole session hour.


Choose comfortable clothes

Make sure your baby is wearing comfortable clothes else they would be grumpy the whole session.


Safety should be priority

We assure you that nothing matters to us more than your baby’s safety.


Use pacifiers or baby shusher

It would be better if we use a pacifier or baby shusher. But ultimately it comes down to parents’ wishes. It’s completely up to them to use it or not use it.


Try out various wrapping techniques

It is always better to try out various wrapping techniques with the baby before shoot.This way baby would be less irritable and you would know which technique is comfortable for the baby.


When planning your naming ceremony, having a professional naming ceremony photographer can make all the difference in the celebration. If you are not sure if you can afford the packages for Naming Ceremony Photoshoot In Kochi – don’t worry! We have customized packages for you. Please choose from our packages and decide what's best for you!


What Is The Importance Of Naming Ceremony Photography?

The naming Ceremony is a very important part of your life. It happens when you have a baby, the name of your firstborn son or daughter. It's also a time when you choose the name for your newborn baby.

Can We Include Other Family Members In the Naming Ceremony Photography?

YES! We would be happy to have your entire family in one frame with your baby and click some candid pictures, that you can cherish forever.

How Long The Photoshoot Session Will Last?

We all know that the naming ceremony is not just for parents but it is also for grandparents and close relatives too who are always there to support and love you throughout this journey. So, we do not get tired of clicking pictures of every special moment from your celebration. We can be there as long as you want us to be.

How Can I Hire Right Naming Ceremony Photographers Near Me?

There are many different types of ceremony photographers out there and some of them specialize in only certain types of photography. So, make sure you know what kind of pictures you need before looking for a photographer.

What Are the Two Most Important Aspects Of Quality Naming Ceremony Photography?

Location & Lighting play important roles in any picture taken during an event like this because it reflects how well-lit the room was during its creation.




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