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Top Portfolio Photographers In Mumbai For Stunning Visuals

As a leading photography company in Mumbai, Picture Quotient understands the importance of having a strong portfolio. Our portfolio photographers have over 7+ years of experience in capturing stunning images that showcase the unique personality and styles of our clients. We believe that a strong portfolio is essential for anyone working to make a lasting impression in their industry, whether it be in fashion, modeling, or any other creative field.

Our team of portfolio photographers has worked with over 200+ happy clients, helping them to create a portfolio that truly represents their individuality and talent. We understand that every client is unique, and we spend time getting to know each one personally, ensuring that their portfolio reflects their personality and style.

picture quotient photography
picture quotient photography

At Picture Quotient, we believe that a strong portfolio is essential for success in any creative field. It is the first impression that potential clients or employers will have of you, and it can make all the variance in securing new opportunities. Our portfolio photographers are dedicated to helping our clients create a portfolio that stands out from the crowd and showcases their unique talents and abilities.

In conclusion, having a strong portfolio is essential for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the creative industry. At Picture Quotient, our portfolio photographers have the experience and expertise to help our clients create a portfolio that truly represents their individuality and talent. With over 200+ happy clients, we are confident in our ability to help you create a portfolio that will make a lasting impression.

Types Of Portfolio Photography

picture quotient photography

Fashion Portfolio Photography

Capturing models in various outfits and poses to showcase their versatility and style.

picture quotient photography

Corporate Portfolio Photography

Creating professional headshots and group photos for businesses and individuals to use for marketing and branding purposes.

picture quotient photography

Wedding Portfolio Photography

Documenting the special instants and emotions of a couple's big day, including pre-wedding shoots and candid shots.

picture quotient photography

Travel Portfolio Photography

Capturing the beauty and culture of different destinations, including landscapes, architecture, and people.

picture quotient photography

Food Portfolio Photography

Showcasing the presentation and details of various dishes and cuisines for restaurants and food bloggers.

picture quotient photography

Fine Art Portfolio Photography

Creating artistic and visually stunning images that evoke emotion and tell a story, often used for exhibitions and galleries.

Why Choose Us For Portfolio Photoshoot In Mumbai

  • When it comes to showcasing your talent and skills, a portfolio photoshoot is a must-have. And if you're in Mumbai, you're in luck! We offer the best portfolio photoshoot and videography services in the city.
  • We are experts in capturing your unique style and personality. We accept that every individual is different, and that's the reason why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you're an aspiring model, actor, or artist, we'll help you create a stunning portfolio that showcases your talent and sets you apart from the competition.
  • We use modern techniques to ensure that you get high-quality photos and videos. Our team is devoted to supporting you with a stress-free experience, from start to finish.
  • So if you're looking for the best portfolio photoshoot and videography services in Mumbai, look no further than us. Contact us today to schedule your session!

How We Are Different From Other Portfolio Photographers In Mumbai

picture quotient photography

When it comes to finding the top portfolio photographers in Mumbai, there are many options to choose from. However, what places us apart from the rest is our unique approach to capturing stunning and memorable images.

Firstly, we take the time to understand our client's needs and preferences. We strongly believe that every individual has a unique story to tell, and we strive to capture that essence in our photographs. Our team of experienced photographers has an eye for detail and a strong passion for creating beautiful images that truly reflect our clients' personalities.

picture quotient photography
picture quotient photography

Secondly, we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our photographs are of the highest quality. We understand that a portfolio is a reflection of our clients' work and talent, and we want to ensure that our photographs do justice to their skills.

Thirdly, we offer a range of services that cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you are a budding artist looking to create a portfolio or an established professional looking to update your portfolio, we have a package that suits your requirements. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that a portfolio is an ongoing project, and we are committed to serving our clients with the best possible outputs and support. If you are looking for top portfolio photographers in Mumbai who are passionate, professional, and committed to delivering exceptional results, look no further than us.

picture quotient photography

Our Process

  • As a photography company, we understand the importance of capturing the essence of our client's brands through our portfolio photography process. Our approach is simple yet effective - we work very closely with our clients to know their vision and goals, and then use our expertise to bring their ideas to life.
  • Our team of experienced photographers and creative professionals use modern equipment and techniques to ensure that every shot is of the highest quality. We focus on every detail, from lighting and composition to color and texture, to create stunning images that truly showcase our clients' products and services.
  • For a portfolio photography project to be successful, we think that communication is essential. That's why we keep our clients involved in each and every step of the process, right from the initial consultation phase to the final delivery of the images. We hear their feedback and make adjustments as needed to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.
  • At our photography company, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results on time and within budget. Our efficient and effective work ensures that every project is finished on time since we respect the value of our client's time.
  • In conclusion, our portfolio photography process is designed to help our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace. We are committed to delivering high-quality images that capture the essence of their brand and help them achieve their business goals.
picture quotient photography

Benefits Of Hiring Our Photography And Videography Service For Portfolio In Mumbai

  • Professional Quality: Our photography and videography service provides high-quality images and videos that are sure to impress potential clients and employers.
  • Creative Approach: Our team of photographers and videographers has a creative approach to capturing images and videos that will make your portfolio stand out.
  • Time-Saving: Hiring our service will save you time and effort in creating your portfolio. We will take care of all the photography and videography needs, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your career.
  • Wide Range of Services: We offer a wide range of photography and videography services, including headshots, product photography, event coverage, and more.
  • Affordable Pricing: Our services are competitively priced, making it easy for you to get professional-quality images and videos without breaking the bank.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: We make every effort to deliver your photographs and videos as soon as we can because we recognize how important speedy delivery is.
  • Personalized Service: In order to create pictures and movies that live up to our client's expectations, we closely collaborate with them to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our team of photographers and videographers are experienced professionals who have worked with a wide range of clients, from individuals to large corporations.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We use the latest photography and videography equipment to ensure that we capture the best possible images and videos.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and we work hard to make sure that our clients are happy with the final product.


As a fashion blogger, I was looking for a portfolio photographer in Mumbai who could capture my style and personality in the best possible way. Picture Quotient did an amazing job with my shoot, and I couldn't be happier with the results. They were professional, creative, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.


I recently hired Picture Quotient for my wedding photography, and I have to say, they exceeded my expectations in every way. From the pre-wedding shoot to the reception, they captured every moment beautifully and made sure to include all the little details that made our day so special. Their team was friendly, accommodating, and went all around to make sure we were happy with the final product.


I ran a small business in Mumbai and needed some professional product photography for my website. Picture Quotient was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad I decided to work with them. They took the time to understand my brand and vision, and the final images were what I was looking for. They stand out for their meticulousness and dedication to excellence, and I would unquestionably hire them again in the future.


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What kind of photography and videography services do you offer for your portfolio in Mumbai?

We offer a wide range of photography and videography services for portfolios in Mumbai, including portrait photography, fashion photography, product photography, event photography, and corporate videography.

How much does your photography and videography service for a portfolio in Mumbai cost?

The cost of our photography and videography service for a portfolio in Mumbai varies depending on the type of service you require, the duration of the shoot, and the location. Please contact us for a customized quote.

How long does it take to receive the final photos and videos?

We typically deliver the final photos and videos within 2-3 weeks after the shoot. However, this may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the number of photos and videos required.

Do you provide any editing or retouching services for the photos and videos?

Yes, we provide basic editing and retouching services for photos and videos to enhance their quality and appeal. However, if you require more advanced editing or retouching, we can provide that at an additional cost.

Can you provide references or samples of your previous work for your portfolio in Mumbai?

Yes, we can provide references and samples of our previous work for portfolio in Mumbai upon request. We have worked with a diverse range of clients and have a portfolio that showcases our expertise and creativity.